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A Fun Read !
by Michele E. Fischer
In pre-release publication by Tate Publishing. 
Allow up to 4 - 6 weeks for delivery..
 But where am I? Barlow, Arizona, I'm told - in the  year 1877! Okay. I'm either dreaming, dead or gone crazy!  

I'm just afraid to ask which!  
"I didn't want to put it down & I was sorry to see the story end!! I really didn't see the end coming!"  - Terry S., California
A time travel, 
Western romance!

Dive into the old diary of Renee Twining, a 21st century legal assistant from Los Angeles who wakes up one morning lying in the middle of an Arizona ranch - back in 1877!  

Read her own words as she takes you on a harrowing and entertaining journey through her arduous life on the Egan ranch, and in the little town of Barlow, while dealing with a growing attraction to the married ranch owner, Sam Egan.  Renee tries to create any means she can to be able to leave this kind and loving family. But of course, everything back fires and Renee finds her only source of help in a mysterious stranger in town who has taken a dangerous interest in the Egans.  Renee must find out why before it is too late for the Egans - and herself!  

It's an amusing and heart-felt, Wild West adventure that Renee must pull through with nothing less than a giant leap of faith.

Faith. Western. Romance. Comedy. Fantasy.