The Branded Heart
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Michele Fischer & pet sheep, Feliz

About the Author
A native of Baltimore, Maryland, and daughter of a former NCIS Agent, Michele moved about growing up spending a few years in the Philippines and one in England.  The variety of exposures fed a vivid imagination for writing short stories, manuscripts and screenplays.   Though she hated to read growing up, she made up for it by college  and earned a B.A. in English and an A.A. in Liberal Arts with a concentration in creative writing and theatre.

Michele has a love for history and worked several years at the Leonis Adobe Museum in Calabasas, CA.  She also enjoys the past through the passed time of living history interpretation of the Colonial American and American Civil War eras.   

In addition to writing, Michele is  a professional actress, singer and independent filmmaker.  In 2006, she sang a version of "Sk8er Boi" on the Disney CD, Superstar Kidz. She produced a half-hour drama called Lost & Found: the Book of Dana, followed by a web pilot she wrote and starred in entitled Zanie & Amanda, and has a feature film in development.

She loves animals and has spent a lot time with a menagerie of ranch critters (alpaca, cow, pigs, sheep and miniature goats), among them a lamb she raised and named "Feliz" whose memory lives on in The Branded Heart.

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