Two Versions of The Branded Heart to choose from!

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The Branded Heart

Get the full experience! You'll feel like you've found an old diary from two hundred years ago: but by someone who claims to be from the 21st century! 

With no chapter headings, no table of content, this version of THE BRANDED HEART is presented in a diary format, from beginning to end, with original, cursive fonts made by the author in her own handwriting!  The cover is also printed to look like a weathered, leather-bound journal.   This is one reading experience you seldom discover!

Only $11.95   Order here!


It's the paperback! 

Though the story is still told in diary format, this version is printed in standard book fonts and includes chapter headings, a table of content, and a brand new cover!

Only $12.25   Order here!

PLEASE NOTE: to be sure to receive your order, please make sure that the front cover has a thin, brown outline, as seen below. A previously self-published version (same cover minus the brown edges) may still be listed online but has gone out of print.